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Sportfishing Tour

Captain Levy Ramirez invites you to join to "surf and fishing charters" for a memorable trip on the high seas. Some of the marine species that you can catch are Mahi mahi, Horse Mackerel, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and much more-

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Dolphins Watching

The dolphin watching is an incredible experience that can begin very early to see the sunrise and at the same time you can watch one of the many species of dolphins that exist on our Pacific coast.

Price per person:



Snorkel and Subwing

In this adventure we will take you to an island of volcanic rock, this island is 1 hour away from Puerto Escondido where you will sail in a motorized boat. On the trip enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, the vegetation, we will also observe turtles and dolphins jumping and swimming under the boat

Price per person:


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