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Sporfishing Tour

Captain Levy Ramirez invites you to join to "surf and fishing charters" for a memorable trip on the high seas, Levy has a lot of experience with sport fishing having participated in tournaments with great success. This part of Mexico is ideal for deep sea fishing almost as soon as you leave the beach, if you want to fish in the morning you will be able to observe the beautiful sunrise, in the same way we can go fishing in the afternoon to appreciate the sunset , so you can take that pleasant moment with family or friends. While on the high seas you can observe dolphins, turtles whales and seabirds, do not hesitate to ask since the captain is 100% trained to make your trip unique. Once the reeds have caught a fish you can fight with the fish by yourself or with the help of friends while the captain and his assistant will take photos and videos of your catch. Some of the marine species that you can catch are Mahi mahi, Horse Mackerel, Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and much more, there are fish that can weigh 100 kg and measure 2 m, with some luck you can catch some of these huge animals. There is plenty of space in the boat for up to four possible fishermen, so why not take some friends for the trip? To live this experience. In the boat we will already have the camera  along with drinks and snacks. Everything that is captured will be cleaned and filleted after the trip for your convenience, you can also catch and release to conserve the marine species. All you need to do is pack a pair of sunglasses, some sunscreen and prepare to hook them. This tour can be carried out with a maximum of 4 people per boat, this tour is available at any time of the day.

Pick up Tour 1:    7 am a 12 am  4-5 Horas      


Pick up tour 2:    7 am a 3 am 7 – 8 horas                        

The tour includes: cooler, Ice, Go Pro Canon Cameras, Fishing Equipment and Lunch.

Recommendations: Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and water.

Price per tour 1: 4-5 H     $ 6000.00 pesos 

Price per tour 2: 7-8  H    $ 8000.00 pesos

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